Brands we work with

I am proud to be associated to a number of brands, including roles as a Brand Ambassador.

Cato Boards

UK Brand Rep

Cato dog training platforms - safe, elevated, sturdy, and portable. The Cato Board was designed with your dog in mind!  The all new Cato Plank has all of the features of the Cato Board, and when used in conjuction with the Cato Tilt Stand it opens up an enormous amount of puppy development and training options.Once your dog understands that Cato Platforms are the gateway to good things, the Cato Platform can be used for almost any scenario –visitors at the door, control when being let in and out, feeding time, remote sits, recall, steadiness training, handling drills, and upland hunting skills. With a little patience and creativity, Cato Platforms will change the way that you interact with your dog.

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Test Valley Lanyards


Available throughout the UK and Internationally


Made from parachute cord with a 16 strand mantle and 1 strand core

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Specialist Gundog Leads

Specialist Gundog Leads are a family business producing specialist products for working gundogs and the shooting field.

Specialist Gundog Leads began in 2010. They found that commercial dog leads did not withstand the rough life encountered in the field, and that there were always compromises in the functionality and quality of the products.  

This led them to design their own range of products, made from the best materials available in the market.

Some of their product designs are unique to them, based on their extensive testing and field trialling.

Specialist Gundog Leads - Providing quality products for professional results

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